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With a track record of over 15 successful manufacturing implementations, we help foundries to become more productive and connected.


We bring extensive experience in delivering efficient solution as High Values added products and Advance Manufacturing solutions.

We are the consulting firm that customers turn to for implementing cutting edge solutions using advanced technologies.

We are committed to providing delivery and customer service excellence on every project and every interaction with our customers.


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ExOne M-Flex 3D Metal Print

M-Flex From concept to printed metal part in record time The M-Flex 3D printer contains everything you need to get started with metal printing, offering flexibility from prototypes to production and speeds 10x faster than Leggi tutto…

ExOne Metal Case Study 3

Ulterra Extend Part Life & Reduce Costs with Additive Manufacturing   S4 abrasion resistance dramatically exceeds wear of conventional 4145 steel     Customer Challenge Ulterra sought to extend the life of rotors and stators Leggi tutto…

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