3D Core & Mold Printing System

Specialist for high flexibility for compounds

The S-Max+ is perfect for series of prototype production of inorganic cores and molds with a high degree of complexity.
Equipped with HHP, its 3D prints are perfect for high-temperature casting.
With its special feature for inorganic materials, it provides particularly high-quality printing results thanks to its reduced gas emission.
Its modular concept offer a high degree of flexibility for countless variation in the facility network and industry 4.0



(150 x 150 x 50 mm core)

  • 864           units / jobbox
  • 17-23         production time (h)*
  • 7.5             complexity factor **


Binder System

HHP  /  Silicate



Use:                                        System (incl. microwave)

External dimensions (m):          3.86L x 2.89B x 3.47H

Built volume (l):                       1080

Built dimensions (mm):             1800 x 1000 x 600

Possible layer heights (mm):      0.28 – 0.38

Layer time (sec.):                     40


*Depending on sand binder    **Range 1-10: 10 is the maximum complexity

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