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We are collaborating with the best Service Bureau, with the aim to find the best solution to produce your customized parts through Additive Manufacturing and Precision Manufacturing.

Jewelry and luxury products production

Imaginarium, based out of Mumbai is a one-stop service bureau for Rapid Prototyping Services through Additive Manufacturing and Precision Manufacturing. Located in the industrial hub of the city, Imaginarium boasts a tastefully designed modernistic office that is home to 20 Additive Manufacturing (AM)/ 3D printers spanning all categories with a capacity to print in various plastic materials from an array of different technologies like SLA/ SLS/ HP MJF/ Polyjet / DLP/ Inkjet. In addition to the AM techniques, Imaginarium also provide CNC Machining/ Vacuum Casting/ Soft tooling Injection molds and components/ Sheet Metal parts and Inspection services through Blue Light LED 3D Scanning.

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Direct Metal Printing

ExOne prototyping printers quickly and easily create prototype parts through an effective build size and increased printing speeds. Complex geometries are created accurately and quickly to meet the needs of any industry. The versatility of the prototyping printers make it possible to produce affordable, effective parts.

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