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Powerful Rock Splitter

The Powerful Rock Splitter is a larger, more powerful version of Hirado’s renowned Rock Splitter.

Used on excavators, cranes or other carriers with hydraulics, applications include the breaking of rocks and concrete foundations.

Hirado’s Rock Splitter has been in use since 1966 in construction sites in Japan and worldwide and is renowned for its quality, durability and extreme power.

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Rock Splitter

Dust Free, Vibration Fee, Silent, Safe

These keywords describe Hirado’s renowned Rock Splitter, available in a variety of models.

The ideal tool for not only breaking rock, but also breaking concrete structures in places with restricted access and noise/vibration regulations (Subway, Hospital, Internal Demoliton etc.)

With less than 65 Dba’s, Hirado’s Rock Splitter is one of the most silent demolition equipment on the market.

While lightweight, the Rock Splitter carries extreme force, with a splitting force up to 6.5 Meganewton.

Versatile and mobile, the Rock Splitter is the must have tool for the demolition expert.

To be used in combination with Hirado’s Hydraulic Pump (Air or Electric).

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