Creative Garda will assist you in…

finding the best solution to produce your customized parts through Additive Manufacturing and Precision Manufacturing.

— Metal 3D Printer with Binder Jetting Technology 

We support our customers with Production-scale 3D metal printers which can be tailored to facility requirements – whether in an industrial manufacturing or education and research setting. When you need to print functional metal parts quickly and at scale, Creative Garda can suggest a variety of 3D printers to suit your needs...

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— Metal 3D Printer with Selective Laser Technology

We are partnering with 3D Printer manufactuers to provide SLM and SLA solutions to our clients; Ours solutions include equipment, consumables, technical services, etc. to customers in multiple industries: Aviation, Energy, Medical, Industrial Moulds, Automobile Manufacturing, Metal Processing, Advertising and other relative industries.

— Sand 3D Printers with Binder Jetting Technology 

We are proving consulting in 3D Sand Printing ! as we have over 15 years experience !

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