3D Sand Printing

Over 40 years of manufacturing technology experience, including additive processes.

The ExOne Company (ExOne) was founded in 2005 as a spin-off of Extrude Hone Corporation, a global supplier and developer of precision nontraditional machining processes and automated systems for more than 50 years. Three-dimensional printing emerged as the core technology for The ExOne Company, which currently supplies services, systems and solutions for manufacturing in the digital age, including three-dimensional printing in industrial grade materials such as sand and metals.

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Casting Splitter

The leading Japanese company in splitters give safer solutions to the Foundry Industry.

The casting Splitter EP-Series, for splitting gates from castings. Compared to traditional hammering, plasma cutting and grinding methods, the EP-Series provide easier, faster and safer solutions.

With the increasing claim culture, rising insurance costs and a drive to improve working conditions, moving to casting splitters will improve your foundry safety and overall cost effectiveness.

The wide range of Hirado splitters are designed to handle a large variety of splitting power from 50 kN to over 500 kN.

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Casting Breaker

Special equipment for Breaking Runners Fast, Safe & Easy.

The Snap Breaker SBH & SBT Series for breaking iron runners and sprues to increases the efficiency of furnaces and eliminates any bridging within furnaces.

Compared to ordinary hammering, plasma cutting and grinding methods, the Snap Breaker provides a faster, safer and easier alternative.

Different models are available depending on the size of runners and sprues.

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Metal Cutter

For Cutting Non-Ferrous Castings.

The Metal Cutter Series are specially designed to cut risers and feeders of non-ferrous materials such as aluminium, bronze and copper.

Both Models use specially developed and hardened blades to cut through the material without bending or damaging them.

Operation is fast, easy and with the simple click of a button. All models are manually operated machines, but can be adapted for robotic online systems.

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