3D Core & Mold Printing System

Productivity for all cold hardening binder system

The S-Max offer a robust and reliable solution for all cold hardening systems.
It is suitable for almost all casting materials.
Large and complex cores and molds can be realized even more quickly and reliably.

With the larger construction platform and double jobbox, the S-Max produces any prototypes requirement and whole series with efficiency and performance.


(150 x 150 x 50 mm core)

  • 1008      units / jobbox
  • 16 -23    production time (h)*
  • 7.5           complexity factor **

Binder Systems

Furan   /   CHP


Use:                                                    stand-alone solution
External dimensions (m):                      10.40L x 3.52B x 2.86H
Build volume (l):                                   1260
Build dimensions (mm):                        1800 x 1000 x 700
Possible layer heights (mm):                  0.28 – 0.38
Layer time (sec.)                                   30 – 35

*Depending on sand binder  ** Range 1-10: 10 is the maximum complexity

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