S-Max Pro

3D Core & Mold Printing System

Specialist for high flexibility for compounds

The S-Max Pro is perfect for series of prototype production of cores and molds with a high degree of complexity.
Can be equipped with one binder system (Furan, Phenol or Inorganic), its 3D prints are perfect for any type of casting.
With its special feature for inorganic materials, it provides particularly high-quality printing results thanks to its reduced gas emission.
Its modular concept offer a high degree of flexibility for countless variation in the facility network and industry 4.0


(150 x 150 x 50 mm core)

  • 864           units / jobbox
  • 17-23         production time (h)*
  • 7.5             complexity factor **

Binder System

Furan / Cold Phenol / Hot Phenol / Inorganic


Use:                                        System (incl. microwave)

External dimensions (m):          3.86L x 2.89B x 3.47H

Built volume (l):                       1080

Built dimensions (mm):             1800 x 1000 x 600

Possible layer heights (mm):      0.28 – 0.38

Layer time (sec.):                     40

*Depending on sand binder    **Range 1-10: 10 is the maximum complexity

Categorie: 3D-Printers