3D Core & Mold Printing System

All-rounder for prototypes and small series

The S-Print combines a compact structure with an extremely versatile range of application.
By giving you absolute flexibility in selecting any binder system available on the market, S-Print is your perfect soulution
for virtually all casting materials. Making it the right choice for prototypes and small series.
As with all ExOne 3D core and mold printers, cores and molds can be created from CAD data quickly and without the need for tools.


(150 x 150 x 50 mm core)

  • 120          units / jobbox
  • 7-12         production time (h)*
  • 7.5           complexity factor **

Binder System

Furan  / Silicate  /  CHP  /  HHP


Use:                                                  Stand-alone solution
External dimensions (m):                    3.27L x 2.54B x 2.86H
Build volume (l):                                160
Build dimensions (mm):                      800 x 500 x 400
Possible layer heights (mm):               0.28 – 0.38
Layer time (sec):                                25 – 30

*Depending on sand binder  ** Range 1-10: 10 is the maximum complexity

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