Pump Manufacturer

Reduce Impeller Prototype
Costs Up to 90% and Decrease
Lead Time by Weeks

Up to 4 inch diameter impellers shipped in
3-4 weeks, with thousands in savings.

Customer Challenge

Decrease cost and lead time to manufacture a new impeller
design for performance testing.

The Solution

ExOne’s 3D metal printing technology was used in
420 stainless steel and bronze.

ExOne’s Competitive Advantage

Additive manufacturing offers a significant reduction in cost
when compared to other methods.

About ExOne

ExOne offers digital part materialization using threedimensional
printing to create full-form parts directly from
CAD data for a variety of applications. The technology
is capable of a geometric complexity unachievable with
conventional manufacturing methods.
Components produced by ExOne can reduce weight, integrate
multi-piece assemblies, enhance product functionality and
significantly reduce lead times for prototype and short-run


Customer Name: Withheld
Batch Size: 1 piece
Part Size: 4 inch diameter

Traditional Pattern-Based Cast Method

Time: 6 to 12 weeks
Cost: $2,000-$3,500

ExOne® Metal Printing Method

Time: 3-4 weeks from PO receipt to shipment
Cost: $150-600

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