INDUSTRY: Automotive Parts Manufacturing

APPLICATION: Robotics – End of Arm Tooling

LOCATION: Saint Marys, PA

CHALLENGE: Develop a strong, lightweight end-of-arm tooling attachment for a high-volume precision inspection application with varying weight requirements. The complex part enables two tools to sit at a 90-degree angle to each other on one arm. 

SOLUTION: The final part, binder jet 3D printed on an ExOne Innovent+, was one-fourth the price of DMLS, more durable than carbon-fiber reinforced 3D printing, and lighter weight than a machined part would have been.
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“This project shows exactly why we started the company, to help customers solve challenging problems. Binder jetting was really the only way to go for this project. It was one-fourth the cost of DMLS, and we did it in a strong material that reduced the payload on the robot. As Allegheny Electric Service rolls this technology out, it’s going to be a bigger savings for their customers.”
Chris Aiello, VP of Business Development, FreeFORM Technologies