Extend Part Life & Reduce Costs with Additive Manufacturing


S4 abrasion resistance dramatically exceeds wear of
conventional 4145 steel



Customer Challenge

Ulterra sought to extend the life of rotors and stators for
down hole applications.

The Solution

ExOne’s 3D metal printing technology was used to print the components in an S4 stainless/bronze matrix.

ExOne’s Competitive Advantage

Additive manufacturing offers the ability to produce more wear-resistant parts at a lower cost than traditional methods.

About ExOne

ExOne offers digital part materialization using three-dimensional printing to create full-form parts directly from CAD data for a variety of applications. The technology is capable of a geometric complexity unachievable with conventional manufacturing methods.
Components produced by ExOne can reduce weight, integrate multi-piece assemblies, enhance product functionality and significantly reduce lead times for prototype and short-run production.



Customer: Ulterra
Part Name: Stator
Batch Size: 10
Part Size: 3-5 inch

Traditional Method

Method: Conventional machining
Cost: $400-$500 each

ExOne® Metal Printing Method

Cost: $75-$150 each

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