JBH Innovations Inc.

Drastically Reduce Time & Costs
for Prototype Manufacturing

Inventor of tools shaved months off lead time and
gained freedom for on-the-fly changes with the
flexibility of ExOne 3D printing.

Customer Challenge

Creating prototype designs for hand tools is an extremely
labor intensive and costly process. Changes in design equate
many additional hours and high costs.

The Solution

ExOne’s 3D metal printing technology was used to print functional
working prototype tools.
Additional design revisions to improve functionality took days, not weeks.

ExOne’s Competitive Advantage

ExOne 3D printers create parts directly from 3D models and
eliminate expensive tooling for product development, saving
time and money. Both printing and post-processing take place
in one location, simplifying the process.

About ExOne

ExOne offers digital part materialization using threedimensional
printing to create full-form parts directly
from CAD data for a variety of applications. The technology
is capable of a geometric complexity unachievable with
conventional manufacturing methods. Components produced
by ExOne can reduce weight, integrate multi-piece assemblies,
enhance product functionality and significantly reduce lead
times for prototype and short-run production.


Customer: JBH Innovations Inc.
Part Name: Locking Pliers

Traditional Method

Waterjet / Wire EDM / CNC, Form Tooling
Total Time: 8-9 months
Initial Costs: $20,000-$30,000 for tooling and prototypes
Revised Design Costs/Time: thousands of dollars to make changes to tooling which added weeks/months

ExOne® Metal Printing Method

Total Time: 3-4 weeks
Initial Costs: $1,900 for prototypes
Revised Design Costs/Time: hundreds of dollars to make a CAD file change, adding only days.

“There’s flexibiltity in this process that you just can’t get anywhere else.”

  • Jeffrey Jile, Egineer / invenctor
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